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Local bloggers creating a global influence taking your brand outreach to the next level!

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Global Influence is not a pitch engine. We do not share or sell the lists of our members, nor do we pass standard pitches to them. Ready to engage with bloggers? Ready to connect with brands?

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Major corporations around the world have begun to realize the influential power of Social Media. Public relations firms, ad agencies, and traditional media marketers are now scrambling to infiltrate the new media world via the power of bloggers. But while they understand the power of the blogosphere, they still remain blinded by numbers – page rank, subscribers, page views. Global Influence is a media marketing network designed to harness the collective Global Influence of a group of bloggers. At Global Influence we are not interested in your statistics – we are interested in you.

Your Community

Unlike similar groups, Global Influence believes in building a community. As a member of Global Influence, you will have the opportunity to join a social network of men and women where you will be given the tools to support one another’s sites. There will be no need to wait until you see the same widget or giveaway appear on a friend’s site for you to know who belongs to Global Influence. We believe in transparency and honesty – the only way to build a strong community.

Your Control

As a member of Global Influence, you will never be obligated to participate in an online campaign that does not fit your needs or the needs of your readers. You will have the control to choose the giveaways, reviews, and content that are right for you.

Your Benefits

By joining Global Influence you will have the opportunity to deliver exciting news and opportunities to your readers before the rest of the web. You will also have the opportunity to participate in sponsored post campaigns and receive free product for you and your readers. More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to use your Global Influence to change the world with our campaigns for change, shining a light on important issues that affect us all. As Global Influence grows, we hope that you will grow along with us.

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