Global Influence is a network of more than 3500 bloggers and social media users who have chosen to receive campaign information tailored specifically to their audience and to Global Influence client needs. Founded by Amy Lupold Bair of Resourceful Mommy Media in 2009, Global Influence, formerly known as Momfluence, has grown to include not only moms, but men and women who are active across the social media space and in their local communities.

Global Influence works directly with agencies to develop interesting content and contests for network members to share with their readers, Facebook fans and friends, as well as Twitter and Instagram followers.

What We Offer

  • Customized sponsored blog campaigns
  • Blogger review programs
  • Focus groups both virtual and on-site
  • Webinars
  • Advertising space throughout the blogosphere
  • Social media outreach through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaigns
  • Twitter Party hosts, promotions, and guest experts

What We are Not

Global Influence is not a pitch engine. We do not share or sell the lists of our members, nor do we pass standard pitches to them. We also do not share client contact information with members.